Originals Design

Originals AV

Originals AV Best Practices Deck includes all you need to know about AV creative

Hulu Originals Style Guides

If you’re looking for a style guide for a Hulu Original, the Originals Style Guide Repository is where you’ll find it.

Originals Digital Banner Ads

Originals Digital Banner Ads Best Practices Deck contains best practices and rules for Hulu Originals banner ads

Originals DOOH

The ultimate resource for creating Digital out-of-home. The Originals DOOH Best Practices Deck was created with a focus on Hulu Originals, but it’s helpful for brand campaigns as well. It contains insitu mockups and templates for our most commonly used placements.

Originals Key Art

Originals Key Art Best Practices Deck includes a deep dive into Hulu Originals key art