Greenhouse Support Tiers (Prioritization Process)

Greenhouse support tiers 

PW protected Box link guide


Cloud-based asset management + file sharing tool. Master Marketing folder: https://hulu.app.box.com/folder/11933770173?v=Master-Marketing-Folders


How to password protect a Box link
PW protected Box link guide

Green Room (DAM)

Use this site to find content-related assets including key art, episodic stills, gallery shots, and title treatments
Green Room


Choosing a Print Vendor for Paper Goods

Choosing a Print Vendor

Preferred Marketing Vendors

Taking Time off

Thinking about taking a vacation? Follow these steps:

  1. Check the dates you’d like to request on the GreenHouse Calendar. Is anyone else from your team out during that time? If not, move ahead to step 2. If the answer is yes, try looking at the week before, the week after, etc.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed that no one else from your team is out during your requested time, email your manager and Ashley Green with your request.
  3. When you receive your manager’s approval via email, submit your request here.
    Book your trip! Have some fun! Relax & enjoy.

Voiceover Process

Voiceover Process and CESD rate card guide

Legal Review Email Format

Vendors with TPN Approval Status

Studio/Marketing Agency Approved Vendors

Music for Agencies: Licensing Guidelines

Music for Agencies: Licensing Guidelines

Be sure to reach out to Paula whenever this document is shared with vendors and loop her in directly with them.