WordPress CMS Staging

Please follow this guide to log into our WordPress staging environments


In this example, we are using the Hulu Ad Manager staging site. Goto https://home-staging.admanager.hulu.com/


You will see this upon landing on the staging site:


Type in the URL bar /wp-admin or goto https://home-staging.admanager.hulu.com/wp-admin/

You will see this:


Click on the link that says “Log in with username and password”

You will see this screen and enter your username and password. It will look like this:


Upon entering the CMS, you will see a dashboard. Hover over the top navbar item that says ‘Self Service’ and you’ll see a dropdown that says ‘Visit Site’


You will now be directed to the staging site to view the work the GreenHouse web team has worked on staging.


To reset your password, please go back to the dashboard – https://home-staging.admanager.hulu.com/wp-admin and click on Profile. From there scroll down to Account Management and click ‘Set New Password’. Once set, scroll down and click Update User


If you have any questions, please slack us at #creativetechnology